AFM Survey

Robert Melnick melnick at
Thu Mar 9 21:22:43 EST 1995

We are a group of engineering students attending the University of Alberta
in Edmonton.  We are currently working on a research paper on Atomic Force
Microscopy.  We would appreciate response to the following questions.

1.  What application are you currently using your AFM for?

2.  What is your yearly expenditure on consumable items used with the AFM?

3.  Of this cost, how much is spent purchasing tips for the AFM?

4.  What types of tips do you use and in what proportions? (ie.  if using 4
    different types, how many of each would be used in a year)

5.  Are you currently satisfied with the quality of the tips you receive?

We would appreciate brief answers to these questions and would ask that
response could be made by March 17/95.  Thank you in advance for your time.

Mike Melnick

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