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> Hi, 
> Every week in school I have a critter of the week.  It is the
> Chalamydomonas.  I cannot find anything on it.  I was wondering if anyone
> knew anything about it, or a place to get it.  I need to know its
> classification, is it prokaryotic, how it eats and moves, and where it
> lives.  I have looked this up in my libarary and cannot find anything. 
> Thanks

Chlamydomonas is a eukaryotic single-cell green alga.  The defining
characteristics are two flagella (how it moves), a cell wall, a single
chloroplast, usually occupying most of the cell volume, and a pyrenoid
(starch-accumulating organelle within the chloroplast).  The genus
includes nearly 500 described species.  The most commonly used laboratory
strain is C. reinhardtii, which is typically a soil organism.  For further
information, check out the following:

the bionet.chlamydomonas newsgroup

World Wide Web
[This is the National Agricultural Library Plant Genome database, which
includes the Chlamydomonas database; select "browse chlamydomonas"]
[for a very nice picture and taxonomic description]

Text information is also available by gopher from the Plant Genome server
at the National Agricultural library ( or through the
Chlamydomonas gopher at Duke University.

Finally, look in your library for The Chlamydomonas Sourcebook (Academic
Press, 1989).

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