Need help on growing Clostridium & Lactococcus

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Sun Mar 12 18:57:19 EST 1995

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>I am trying to grow Clostridium sporogenes & Lactococcus lactis
>for an Introductory Microbiology Lab course.  The Clostridium
>I've ordered came in Thioglycollate broth and the Lactococcus 
>came in some kind of Tomato juice yeast extract broth.  However
>I would like to grow them on solid media, slant or plate, not
>broth.  I have tried both culture on nutrient, tryptic soy, and
>brain heart infusion agar, MacConkey, blood, and chocolate agar
>with no luck. 

NCFB at Reading, UK recommend YGLBP medium for L. lactis. Peptone 1%, beef 
extract 0.8%, yeast extract 0.3%, KH2PO4 0.25%, K2HPO4 0.25%, MgSO4.7H2O 
0.02%, MgSO4.4H2O 0.005%, glucose 0.5%, lactose 0.5%, pH 6.8. Alternatively 
use Oxoid nutrient broth no 2 containing 0.5% glucose, 0.3%  yeast extract, pH 
6.8; you can solify the medium with agar as required.  I have also used Oxoid 
blood agar base no.2 and Todd-Hewitt broth with L. lactis and obtained good 
growth. Incubate in air at 25 C. Growth is evident at 24 hr.

Jeremy Carson
Dept Primary Industries
Tasmania, Australia

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