Jurassic Park

mccaw douglas dmccaw1 at umbc.edu
Sun Mar 12 20:20:20 EST 1995


Perhaps you were not listening (or reading, or both) the excellent
responses tried to inform you that Jurassic Park was pure fiction.
In this case there are no references to the scientifically possible.

May I suggest that you concentrate your searches to the fiction news
groups and do not bother hard working molecular biologist in your 
search for sensationalist genetic hokus pokus.

If you are truly interested in the state of molecular biology today,
try reading the bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts news group.  Unless, you
are familiar with the field of molecular biology, may I also suggest that
spend a few days at your local library reading up on the current state
of molecular biology today (try a few recent text books, librarians can
be very helpful).



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