Need help on growing Clostridium & Lactococcus

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Mon Mar 13 06:19:10 EST 1995

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>>I am trying to grow Clostridium sporogenes & Lactococcus lactis
>>for an Introductory Microbiology Lab course.  The Clostridium
>>I've ordered came in Thioglycollate broth and the Lactococcus 
>>came in some kind of Tomato juice yeast extract broth.  However
>>I would like to grow them on solid media, slant or plate, not
>>broth.  I have tried both culture on nutrient, tryptic soy, and
>>brain heart infusion agar, MacConkey, blood, and chocolate agar
>>with no luck.  Would anyone out there wiht any kind of experience
>>working with these two organisms please me some insight.  Please
>>be as specific as possible as to what solid media to use and 
>>under what condition to maintain the culture.  Thank you kindly.

>Try growing Clostridia on Liver Veal Agar (LVA) and Lactobacilli on DeMan
>Rogosa Sharpe (MRS) agar. Both are available from Difco and other media
>suppliers. Clostridia must be incubated anaerobically. Lactobacilli
>sometimes grow better anaerobically.

Lactobacilli are also grown on ROGOSA Agar (Merck). 

Clostridium sporogenes, hmmmm, you could actually find a couple that smell 
even worse if you try........

The easiest thing to grow Clostridia in is Reinforced Clostridial Broth/Agar 
(RCA) available from virtually all suppliers. A few organisms don't grow all 
that well on RCA, those that don't should grow on Differential RCA.



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