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> >>Is there any one aut there that know about the Disease EMBOLA. I read a very
> >>disturbing artical about it in a mag a few weeks ago and am looking for more
> >>info on the subject. Would appreciate being pointed to some more information,
> >>although the more I learn about it the more it scare the living hell out of me
> >..
> >>Ray Pierson
> >>
> >>ray at cnj.digex.net
> >
You can read all about Ebola virus and a host of other deadly emerging
viruses in one of the best books I have read called The Coming Plague.
Sorry I can't remember the author's name offhand, and my wife has
carted it off to Britain for some light reading on her trip.  It is 
remarkably easy to read and it provides some remarkable insight into the
politics and personalities involved in the study of these outbreaks
(which also include HIV).  As a non-virologist, I found it absolutely
fascinating and no I am not recieving any royalties ;-)
-John Lester  

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