*** streptomyces infection (Q?)

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Infections due to Streptomyces are rare and/or doubtful.
We have some ten isolates in our collection, but one should be 
careful in naming organisms of this kind. There is not much 
published (Medline) and there may easily be confusion between: 
streptomycetes, Streptomycetaceae, Actinomycetales, Streptomyces, 
etc. - and people may in fact have isolated a Nocardia, Gordona, 
Rhodococcus, etc. - genera with much better clinical 
documentation, but equally very complex.
Identification of these organisms is extremely difficult. We have 
never tried to correctly identify the isolates. Standard fatty 
acid profiling (FAME) may be useful, but Streptomyces must have 
450-500 species....

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Subject: *** streptomyces infection (Q?)
Author:  PC {sjl140 at arts.usask.ca}
Date:    1995-03-06 06.32

anyone know what type of infection streptomyces can cause?

anyone know of any reported cases of infection by streptomyces in the 

anyone know of any anti microbial agents that are effective against 


Sandford Leung
Univ. of Sask.


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