Relationship of whooping cough and kennel cough?

B. Wasilauskas bwasilau at ISNET.IS.WFU.EDU
Sun Mar 19 14:12:55 EST 1995

At 08:48 AM 3/19/95 -0500, KBerry01 wrote:
>I would like to know if anyone has ever looked at the relationship of
>whooping cough to the kennel cough that dogs get?


Whooping cough in children is caused by a Gram negative bacterium called 
Bordetella pertussis and in some milder cases by Bordetella parapertussis. 
There is another Bordetella called bronchiseptica (old name was canis) that 
causes disease in dogs. This may be the organism that causes the so-called 
"kennel cough"


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