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> Dear All
> An undergraduate has just approached me requesting to test water 
> samples for a local environemtal group.  I am familiar with the 
> basics of testing for fecal coliforms, but I have never applied the 
> technque in the real world.  Which is considered the most reliable - 
> the filtration technique with cultivation of filter in MF-endo media 
> or the traditional MPN technique followed by plating of samples on 
> EMB agar?

You can buy pre-prepared "distick" testers from a variety of companies
(e.g., Millipore); then all you need is an incubator.  The incubator
needed for fecal coliforms must be tightly controlled (generally a water
bath is used.  Therefore, I would recommend that you might look at total

> He also is interested in testing for dissolved nitrogen and 
> phosphorous.  Any suggestions for methods to detect these?
> Thanks!
> Ann

Get a catalog from Hach Chemical Co., Loveland CO -- they manufacture a
variety of quite simple test kits for various water quality parameters.

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