microbial methane production

Walter Ogston ogston at HOBBES.KZOO.EDU
Tue Mar 21 13:17:42 EST 1995

terry at uconnvm.uconn.edu (Tom Terry) writes:
> I teach a microbiology course, and a few of my students are interested in
> building a small scale methane generator. I'm not familiar with the
> literature on this subject. Anybody have a good reference or two regarding
> this? Thanks!
> Tom Terry, Dept. of Microbiology, Univ. of Conn.
In "Experimental Microbiology" byr R.M. Atlas, A.E. Brown, K.W.
Dobra and L. Miller (2 ed. 1988; McMillan) there is a neat
exercise (#38, page 377) setting up small scale methanogenic
culture.  The apparatus is fairly simple, you should be able to
adapt it to your purpose.  
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