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> Hullo.  I am a sophmore at Gardiner Area High School in Maine, and we have
> recently been doing a section on Genetics.
> I have been assigned a research project, due sometime this spring, and one
> topic that came to mind is the 5 w's (what where why when how) of Junk genes.
> Or at least thats what my teacher calls them.  She also said I might find
> information under "nonsense genes" or "no sense genes".  On asking another
> Biology teacher on the correct terminology for these genes, I got the answer
> "anti-codon".  I have searched the world wide web (and soon gopher, but the
> servers were busy as usual) for all of these terms, and have not found anything
> that looks like what I want.
> If anyone can a) tell me the correct term for these genes, b) give me any info
> on these genes, and c) send me in the right direction to find information on these
> genes, I would be greatly appreciative.
> I also have to have an "alternate" means of research, meaning experiments, surveys,
> etc.  If any of you can suggest an "alternate" means of research, I would like that.
> Matter of fact, in case this idea falls through, I would appreciate any ideas for a
> research topic.  
> I am sorry if I have posted my problems to the wrong newgroup, I thought this one
> seemed appropriate.  So please keep the flames to a minimum.  And thanks in advance
> for any help I might get.
> Michael
> michael at saturn.caps.maine.edu

Try introns or intervening sequences- these are most often used in the 
literature to refer to "junk" genes.  Another term to try is pseudogene 
(silent genes in the organism).
Good luck with your project!

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