Helicobacter pylori

Wed Mar 22 09:59:59 EST 1995

On Wed, 22 Mar 1995, Bryan Kiehl wrote:

> I work in a development diagnostic company and am thinking about developing a helicobacter test.
> I understand that there are many test, but would like to develop one measuring antibodies against
> specific proteins. To do this, I would need either affinity purified, recombinant, or peptide proteins.
> These should be specific to the species. Anyone have suggestions?
Dear Bryan, 
Although the urease genes have been well characterized from H. pylori, 
they are found in other bacteria, including enteric bugs.  There is a 
sialic acid binding protein called HpaA that appears to be unique to the 
species, although other bacteria have sialic acid-binding proteins.  The 
most recent reference for HpaA is
Evans, et al. 1993.  Cloning, Nucleotide Sequence, and Expression of a 
Gene Encoding an Adhesin Subunit Protein of Helicobacter pylori.  J. 
Bact. 175: 674-83.

Other proteins, such as VacA (vacuolating cytotoxin) and CagA (function 
unknown) are unique to the species also, but only 40-60% of strains make 
each of these proteins (Someone can correct me if I'm wrong!).  Other 
unique proteins haven't been well studied yet; other proteins are 
conserved in all bacteria such as flagellin, catalase, super oxide 
dismutase, heat shock proteins, and fumarate reductase.

Thus if the above HpaA protein cannot be used, you may be limited in 
what you can use until more genes/proteins are identified!
Good luck with developing your test!

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Happy 1995!  

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