Junk Genes

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Subject: Junk genes
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Hullo.  I am a sophmore at Gardiner Area High School in Maine, and we have
recently been doing a section on Genetics.
I have been assigned a research project, due sometime this spring, and one
topic that came to mind is the 5 w's (what where why when how) of Junk genes.
Or at least thats what my teacher calls them.  She also said I might find
information under "nonsense genes" or "no sense genes".  On asking another
Biology teacher on the correct terminology for these genes, I got the answer
"anti-codon".  I have searched the world wide web (and soon gopher, but the
servers were busy as usual) for all of these terms, and have not found anything
that looks like what I want.
If anyone can a) tell me the correct term for these genes, b) give me any info
on these genes, and c) send me in the right direction to find information on these
genes, I would be greatly appreciative.
I also have to have an "alternate" means of research, meaning experiments, surveys,
etc.  If any of you can suggest an "alternate" means of research, I would like that.

Matter of fact, in case this idea falls through, I would appreciate any ideas for a
research topic.  

I am sorry if I have posted my problems to the wrong newgroup, I thought this one
seemed appropriate.  So please keep the flames to a minimum.  And thanks in advance
for any help I might get.

michael at saturn.caps.maine.edu

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