Delft School Family Tree - Stanier and Douderoff

Thu Mar 23 09:23:34 EST 1995

The Delft School of Microbiology Family Tree project is progressing
well, but some of the branches look a bit bare. We are currently
especially looking for people who studied (PhD, postdoc, visiting
fellow) with R. Stanier and M. Douderoff. If you worked with either
of them (or indeed consider that you belong to the Delft Scool by
some other line of descent), please contact me at the email or
snailmail addresses below. If you know someone who should see this
note, but does not have access to USENET, please pass it on.
many thanks, Lesley Robertson

L.A.Robertson at
Dr. L.A. Robertson
Kluyver laboratory for Biotechnology
Delft University of Technology
Julianalaan 67
2628BC, Delft
the Netherlands
fax 31 15 782355

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