Relationship of whooping cough and kennel cough?

James Watson jwatson at
Thu Mar 23 17:32:21 EST 1995

In article <3khcnm$pk2 at>, kberry01 at (KBerry01) says:
>I would like to know if anyone has ever looked at the relationship of
>whooping cough to the kennel cough that dogs get?
>My nephew contracted whooping cough when he was 4 weeks old.  At the time
>he was born and for about 2 weeks after, my dog had kennel cough.  I know
>that BP is a virus, but is the kennel cough also bordatella pertusis??  I
>have gotten many conflicting answers from medical people. There was
>supposed to have been an artical written by a doctor here in the St. Louis
>area that said the two were related, but I have been unable to locate it.
>Any information would be greatly appreciated!
>Keith Berry
Well.....Bordatella wasn't a virus last time I looked. 

Anyway, one of the causative organisms of canine kennel cough is Bordatella 
bronchiseptica, but the disease, or disease complex, appears to involve a 
parainfluenza virus also, as well as who knows what else.


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