Enterotube II

truemonk at csulb.edu truemonk at csulb.edu
Sat Mar 25 08:47:20 EST 1995

Dear MicroInterneters:

	As an undergraduate student in a Medical Bacteriology Class: I asked 
why must we do all those silly plates and tubes when we could use a 
single Enterotube II instead. The official answer was:
	1) You need low tech practice because not all labs are outfitted 
with (quick multitesters)

	Personally I think the real resons are:
	2) We did it this way, so you get to do it this way
	3) Pete Wilson did it to us
	4) We'd rather keep and use them ourselves

	Am I being too presumptuous?
	Or will some kind person show me some empathy?

	Sighing Student,

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