cot deaths in the UK

Ezekial mic2mcb at
Tue Mar 28 05:10:17 EST 1995

ANDY JOHNSTON (aj at wrote:
: I have to admit I am not a classical microbiologist but a phycologist who 
: works on unicellular algae...

: In the UK last night there was a sci programme about cot deaths and it covered 
: some recent ground on the effects of bedding and whether they were involved. 

: The microbiology of it was that some forensic scientist in Jersey was 
: convinced that all the bedding had a fungus that was involved in producing 
: toxic gases. This was slated by a London group that said they weren't fungi 
: but bacteria and no gases were being made.

: Question: easy mistake or what?

: Any thoughts.

I'd have thought that it was pretty difficult to confuse fungi and bacteria.
the're a lot bigger not a start.

just my two penneth.


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