Bacterial MONOPOLES???????

Ed Rybicki ED at
Wed Mar 29 05:30:27 EST 1995

> From:          John Neustadt <hootneus at>
> Subject:       Bacterial MONOPOLES???????

> A colleague of mine recently told me that some time ago at Woods Hole 
> Laboratories a species of monopolar bacteria was discovered. Dirac had 
> some time ago theorectically (mathematically) predicted their existence.  
> Does anyone have any information on this? How would such a system work? 
> Seems to me like it violates Maxwell's Law.

Monopolar BACTERIA?  Should that perhaps be John VON Neustadt...?  
Magnetic monopoles, yes - best popularised by Larry Niven and Poul 
Anderson as means of driving Bussard ramjets and the like.  But 
BACTERIA?  You sure you don't mean MAGNETOTACTIC bacteria??  IE: 
bacteria which can swim along magnetic lines of force or whatever?  
And contain magnetised granules within themselves?  That I'd believe, 
the other sounds too much like something a good SF writer might dream 
up as a nifty nanotechnological device!!

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