Zinc resistant bacteria

Mr. I.P. Miskin sgmr10 at liverpool.ac.uk
Wed Mar 29 09:31:20 EST 1995

	WANTED : Bug containing a zinc resistance gene for use as 
		 a labled probe

I'm a postgraduate working on the bacteria of deep fresh water sediments, 
more specifically I'm examining the phenotypic and genotypic occurance of
heavy metal resistance in heterotroph bacteria recovered from sediments 
approximatly 10,000 years old.
I am studying resistance to Hg, Ni, Zn as well as several antibiotics. 
However, I lack a probe for a zinc resistance gene.  If any one is able to 
spare a slope of a suitable strain I would be very grateful.

		With thanks,
				Ian Miskin

Dept. Genetics & Microbiology,
Life Science Building,
Liverpool University,
Crown Street,
L69 3BX

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