Microbiology of the Home?

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Wed Mar 29 20:47:07 EST 1995

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>          not sure if anyone can help but I am looking for a reference or book 
>that would tell me about the microbiological flora of an average home. I am 
>interested in whether different people's houses have an individual flora that 
>may contribute to their health, biodeterioration of the house etc.etc. 
>           I know that this is a strange request but I have done all sorts of 
>literature searches with no result. Perhaps no-one has ever done a good set of 
>experiments to find this out. Not sure where the research grant would come 
>from though!
>Chris Jones

There is actually a fair amount of literature on the subject but it
is far from comprehensive.  Characterizations have to be done by locale
as there is quite a bit of geographical variation.  The literature that
I am aware of is mainly concerned with airborne fungi and dust mites as these are very
significant in regards to allergies and asthma.  Moisture is the dominant factor in
whether there will be a problem with these.

I'm not at the office but if you like I will E-mail you a list of some useful articles
on the subject.

Do you have a personal concern or is it general curiosity?

Rich Byrd
Director Indoor Air Quality Investigations
Machado Environmental Corp.
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