apology and explanation

Fri Mar 31 11:06:22 EST 1995

I had responded to a message from another undergrad.  He was aking about 
what is unknown in the bio world as compared to what we are taught is 
known, and was aking for those things which we could hope to look for the 
answers to rather than just always hearing and basing study on the normal 
stuff.  Sorry but I sent the reply to him and the WORLD but my program 
did not address the net corectly and sent it back to me.  I sent a knew 
post but forgot to reference it.  I stand now tied to the whipping post 
guilty but still wishing to see answers to his post.  What are some of 
the unknowns in bio that we as undergrads can hope to find the answers to 
as we progress from noephyte to expert.

                          most humbly --
                                           michael.steffani at asu.edu

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