Microbiology of the Home?

MelissaLen melissalen at aol.com
Fri Mar 31 20:11:16 EST 1995


In Feb. issue of Reader Digest in the USA had a paper about Dr. Charles
Gerba at the University of Arizona.  It talk a lot about the bath room and
the kicthen.  I know Dr. Gerba and he has written lots of papers on
microbiology quality of bathroom, kitchen, and hotel rooms.  He found that
in Tucson, AZ that if a hotel cost more than $40 a night that it was clean
but under that was really bad.  I have look at the quality fo kicthens for
some research I am doing.  The sponge in the sink is the worst.  The
bacteria load is very high.  

If you are interest in some more information about Dr. Gerba writing, just
write back and I will look them up at work.

Melissa Lenczewski
Grand Rapids, MI

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