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Fri Mar 31 23:22:21 EST 1995

I did some checking and discovered the following:

1) I could not fine any reference to the bacteria Empedobacter 
collagenolyticum (either a new species or a misnamed species - what was the 
date of your reference material?)
2) The genus Empedobacter was derived from 
Flavobacterium.  A description for Empedobacter can be found in the 
International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology (IJSB) Oct. 1994. Vol 
44:827-831.  See page 830 for the description of the genus Empedobacter.3) 
Actinomyces fradiae has become Streptomyces fradiae, however, this occurred 
several years ago (27 years ago).  The description for Strep. fradiae can be 
found in IJSB 18:69-189. 1968.

The above were found looking at some world wide web locations, plus some 
volumes of the IJSB that I have at hand.

I hope this helps in some manner.  BTW, the only collagenase producing 
bacteria that I know is Clostridia perfringens..but this is not my area of 

Good luck,

Bruce Micales

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