ebola virus

Daniel B. Watkins at061 at yfn.ysu.edu
Thu May 18 05:12:27 EST 1995

This is an excellent question which has yet to be answered. Were
all these health workers in *direct* contact with this patient? 

I admit that having read "The Dancing Matrix", "The Coming Plague",
and "The Hot Zone", I have little confidence in what we are being told
and the ability of the health agencies to respond properly. I am not
saying that there is a problem. I have family involved in this field.
It is just that the organizational structures are not adequate to overcome
the political problems that a serious situation would present. I
have *no* evidence that would indicate that such a problem exists now.

In a previous article, wrkushne at mailbox.syr.edu (William S. Kushner) says:

>Can anyone define "casual" contact for this virus.  I don't understand
>how all those health workers came down with this disease especially
>since most were other than  doctors and  therefore not directly
>involved with operations.
watkinsl at freenet.fsu.edu

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