I need your help! New micro products survey.

Tazbam tazbam at aol.com
Thu Nov 2 15:42:04 EST 1995

In order to help my company develop some new products for microbiology, I
would greatly appreciate your professional opinion as a microbiologist on
following questions.

1) When looking for leukocytes in stool specimens, do you:

a) Make a smear on a slide, fix and stain. (if so what type of stain do
b) examine a wet prep(mix specimen in H20? saline?) What kind of stain is

2) Would you use a one step, 2 minute stain for sputum smears that readily
not only polys and epithelial cells, but also eosinophiles which could
occasionally provide your physicians with additional information related
asthma, farmer's lung, etc.?

3) Would you find it convenient to have PYR discs and reagents that are
stable at *room temperature* and could be left on your work station

a) I would find that very convenient.
b) It dosen't really matter to me.
c) I would change vendors for this convenience if the test results were
same as with my current product.
d) I would change vendors for this convenience if the test results were
*better* than with my current product. 

In order to conserve *bandwitdh* please respond directly to my E-mail box.
appreciation of your time for answering this survey, I will provide upon
request, samples of any of these products that become viable for your

Thank you for your time.

Gerald D. Marshall
Director of Marketing
Carr-Scarborough Microbiologicals, Inc.

E-mail address: Tazbam at aol.com

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