WWW by e-mail?

Szatmari George szat at ERE.UMontreal.CA
Fri Nov 24 14:50:46 EST 1995

In article <DIFJp1.5Bt at mv.mv.com> katel at mv.mv.com (Katharine Lindner) writes:
>ilytting at datashopper.dk (Isak Sebastian Lytting) writes:
>>There is often posted a lot of interesting ads for new WWW sites
>>in these newsgroups, but since I don't have a direct TCP/IP
>>hookup to the internet, the only way of using such sites has
>>been for me to use the agora at www.undp.org WWW-by-mail service.
>>But this has been out of service for many weeks now, and I am in
>>dire need of WWW-access. Does anyone know of other WWW-by-mail
>>services which presently work? I have already tried
>>agora at mail.w3.org and webmail at www.ucc.ie as suggested by the
>>"Internet services by mail FAQ", but they don't work either.
>>Hope someone can help.
>Slipknot lets you browse the web without a SLIP account( just a phone and 
>modem ).  It's not as robust as I'd like, but I don't want to pay for a SLIP
>                           Kathy

If you're not too interested in graphics, most UNIX servers have
a web browser called LYNX (in fact, Slipknot requires LYNX in order to run).
Check with your system operator.

Hope this helps,
George Szatmari

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