Thermotoga maratima

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: dasnyder at (David Snyder) wrote:
: >Any information on phylogenic trees for Thermotoga maratima out there?  I
: >notice a paucity of information about this very interesting bacterium that
: >would be good for evolutionary studies... this is why the cross-posting,
: >hope no-one minds.

: The 16S rRNA has been sequenced from Thermotoga which places this
: organism near the base of the eubacteria.  A few other genes have
: been sequenced but none as phylogenetically useful as rRNA.  Check
: out any publication by Woese or cronies for a tree which shows
: where Thermotoga branches.

Or, where the Woese/Olsen et al results
are on-line.


	Studies of the hyperthermophile Thermotoga maritima by 
	random sequencing of cDNA and genomic libraries. 
	Identification and sequencing of the trpEG (D) operon. 
	J Mol Biol 231: 960-81 (1993)
	Kim CW; Markiewicz P; Lee JJ; Schierle CF; Miller JH

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