Fri Oct 13 16:25:06 EST 1995

A few places remain in the Advanced Anaerobic Bacteriology Workshop to be 
held in Austin, TX, at the Texas Department of Health's Bureau of 
Laboratories.   This program includes discussion of specimen collection, 
isolation methods, and pure culture techniques.  Emphasis will be on the 
species identification of anaerobic bacteria using both conventional and 
rapid methods.  Toxin assays and isolation of Clostridium difficile and 
Clostridium botulinum will be included.  Basic foundation in anaerobes is 
assumed for applicants.

Must have all applications by Monday noon, October 16th.  
Immediately phone, FAX or e-mail serious replies, please.

James L Harris
Training Coordinator
Bureau of Laboratories
phone 512-458-7566
FAX 512-458-7672

jharris at

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