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Tue Apr 9 10:31:02 EST 1996

Bunny Lover wrote:
> Can someone help me with the roots for describing temperature preferences
> of micro-organisms?  I'm looking for the roots for psychro- and thermo-
> and preferably for philic, duric, and trophic.

The easiest place to find these is in any good dictionary.  Just look up a 
word that has the same root, such as "durable" for "-duric."

psychro-   Gr. adj. psychros (cold)
thermo-    Gr. noun thermus (heat)
meso-      Gr. noun mesos (middle)
euri-      Gr. adj. eurys (broad, wide)
steno-     Gr. adj. stenos (narrow)
-duric     L. adj. durus (hard [able to withstand])
-philic    Gr. adj. philos (loving)

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