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Mon Apr 29 15:18:34 EST 1996

earthsmt at (Earth Smart) writes:

>After years of research at the University of Texas, a blend of 13 microbes 
>collected from natural oil seeps around the world has been compiled.  This 
>blend is proving to be a very effective, cost efficient means of transforming 
>any natural hydrocarbon into 100% safe byproduct.  Hydrocarbon refers to the 


>"I would recommend the use of EarthWise as a bioremediation enhancement in 
>this situation due to the cost effectiveness compared to other cleanup and 
>disposal methods, says M. D. Babcock." Owner/Operator

I have been warned by some of the best researchers in the business of bio-
remediation that commercial innocula for the purpose of environmental
cleanup are generally a scam.  As Winogradski said, "Everything is every-
where."  Generally the bugs you need for cleanup are living on-site before
treatment, and only require enrichment of one kind or another.

I did notice that the preceding messege described the rate at which
diesel fuel was removed from a site which was treated with "MiracleKleen:
or whatever they call it, but no data was presented from the controls.

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