Strange creature I never saw before.

charles mccarthy pandoc at
Sat Aug 3 08:54:09 EST 1996

In <4tqk06$47j at> aghaa at (Aghaa) writes: 
>  The other day I saw a strange little creature.
>  I have never seen anthing like it before. The nearest I
> can describe it is that it was shaped somewhat like a worm
> but much more fragile looking. It was about six or seven 
> millimeters long and about as thin as a piece of thread.
> What was strange was that this thing was walking end-over-end
> like a slinki. I was amazed and am very curious.
> If anyone has any idea what this could be please tell me.
> I can be reached at aghaa at
> Thanx.
> (p.s.) I know very little about biology so be gentle.
> -Agha   ( San Jose, California )

As gently as I can- it sounds like you might have a baby inch worm
that's trying to convert to the metric system.

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