Measurement of Candida growth

Bob Presswood rpressw at
Mon Aug 5 11:30:49 EST 1996

R.D. Haigh wrote:
> Hi,
>   I'm looking for ideas as to how I can measure the growth of Candida
>   albicans when it has switched to its pseudo-hyphal form. I need a
>   method which is sensetive enough to measure my initial innoculum
>   (approx 100 yeast cells) but  which is relatively easy to work with
>   as I want to do lots of multiples and I want to use it in a project
>   for a third year student. All the suggestions I have had so far
>   depend on measuring total DNA or protein of the hyphae but I'm
>   unsure as to how easy either is to extract or how reproducible the
>   results would be. Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted,
> Richard Haigh
> Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology
> University of Leicester
> Leicester
> U.K.

Consider determination of ATP by firefly luciferase.  For this you would need a
luminometer or a fluorimeter.  Many literature references exist; you should have no
trouble locating protocols.

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