Disinfectant contact t & Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Jim Graham graham at biodec.wustl.edu
Thu Aug 8 19:00:04 EST 1996

While disinfectants which target Mycobacterium tuberculosis seem to be 
optimized for efficiency of killing, this does not seem to be the only 
critical parameter or even the most important one when working with live 
bacilli in the research laboratory. Handling live cultures in a biosaftey 
cabinet demands a short effective contact time in order to 
prophylacticly disinfect all surfaces moving from inside to the bench. In 
this situation, 10 minutes (eg. Amphyl, a popular phenol-derivative based 
choice) is not a very practical parameter.

I have seen the suggestion that iodine solutions in 50% isopropanol have 
a dramatic interaction with proteins, and was considering the use of a 
halide or chemical like hydrogen peroxide which might more quickly kill 
Mycobcterium than the disinfectants in routine use in clinical 

Be glad to hear from anyone having pondered the options. Thanks.

J. Graham PhD 
Biology Department 
Washington University of St. Louis 
(Listowner, Amazons-l Digest)  

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