REQ: good books for beginners

Doug Stemke dstemke at
Sun Aug 11 21:22:53 EST 1996

On Thu, 8 Aug 1996, Dan Uslan wrote:

> I am just beginning graduate school in microbiology and am interested
> in reading some books on the subject. I've read Joe McCormick's
> autobiography and Lori Garret's book, "The Coming Plague," as well.
> Any other recommendations? I'd like something that is fairly technical
> but not a pure textbook.
> Thanks,
> Dan
I read half of 'The Coming Plague'.  It isn't very technical and centers
largely on the experiences of the people involved.  What I have read was
excellent; it sometimes seems hard to believe that it is non-fiction.
There are references to technical terms, but they tend to be used
infrequently.  I think looking into some of the minds of the subjects
watching how these epidemics developed REALLY makes a good read.  Try and
imagine if you came straight out of med school, green as can be, sent
to Peru for some rather marginal work only to be transported to the middle
of a horrible epidemic of an unknown disease.  How would you handle it?
That's just one of many really fascinating chapters.



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