E. coli: Apology

Pustule glum at ozemail.com.au
Tue Aug 20 08:47:48 EST 1996

RBell41799 wrote:
> Hello,
> I usually don't have an occasion to post here, but...
> My father and I were having a discussion about E. coli.
> Based on some literature calling E. coli an "indicator organism," he feels
> E. coli is not harmful to people. I think it *is* harmful to people based
> on what I hear in the press about outbreaks of E. coli cases from
> undercooked hamburger, etc.
> Where can I learn more about E. coli? Can someone tell me what dangers, if
> any, E. coli presents to people?
> Please respond via email...
> Rick Bell

I seem to have upset the folk on this newsgroup with my reply to you.  I
gather it has something to do with the attachment I added.  The
moderator seems to have removed my message as a result.

I apologise to other folk who use this newsgroup.  I was just trying to
help out someone who requested assistance with a microbiological



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