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Ralf Hartemink ngw at teleoffice.nl
Thu Aug 22 04:19:46 EST 1996

In our group we are working on a new selective medium for the isolation
of clostridia from the intestinal tract of humans and animals.
For this we are looking for as many strains of clostridia from intestinal
origin as possible. Especially strains of the less common intestinal
isolates (i.e. not Cl. perfringens). We do have most type strains, but we
would like to test more strains per species.
So I would like to ask people who have such strains if they could send us
a culture so we can test these for growth.

Thanks in advance,

Ralf Hartemink, MSc
Dept Food Microbiology
Wageningen Agricultural University
PO Box 8129
6700 EV Wageningen
The Netherlands

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