Alcaligenes clumping problem.

Doug Stemke dstemke at
Mon Aug 12 15:24:47 EST 1996

I'm posting this for a friend in the department.  He is trying to do
quantative studies with Alcaligenes, but is getting too much clumping.  He
has tried different phosphate concentrations in the medium without
success.  So he has two questions:

1) How might he prevent clumping.

2) If clumping cannot be avoided, what is the best way to measure cell
concentrations (the only othe suggestion I've given him is to filter
measured volumes and weigh the filters, so far this is the best I can come
up with).

Please send along your suggestions and I'll forward them to him.

Douglas Stemke
Biological Process Technology Institute
St. Paul, MN
dstemke at


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