Vibrio fischerii

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Mon Aug 12 14:01:08 EST 1996

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	 pjurgens at (Pete Jurgens) writes:

>>I am trying to get Vibrio fischerii to emit light and, despite 
>>respecting the recommendations of Farghaly concerning media and 
>>temperature cannot find any light even at the most sensitive settings 
>>of a PMT. Has anyone worked with this organism with success? I would be 
>>most grateful for any ideas.
>The LuxR gene is activated only at very high levels of inducer. It is
>imperative that you have as many organisms as possible in a confined area.
>What sort of media are you growing on? The problem many be with the culture.
	It also helps to get really good aeration and to add about 
1 mM benzoic acid (don't ask me why!).

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