E.coli cheese contamination information needed

Enigl enigl at aol.com
Thu Aug 22 18:36:42 EST 1996

<< Specifically what kind of health problems could the general population
subjected to by the cheese contaminated with E. coli..  Would the scenario
relating to  E. coli  strain 0157:H7 be possible in the case of
cheese? >>

You might have already guessed: toxigenic/hemorrhagic _E. coli_ is a
possibility in cheese.  I worked for a dairy for 8 years as Quality
Control Manager.  We sold cheese and were the site for the World Cheese
Contests.  I saw a lot of cheese. 

In my view,  no _E. coli_ should be detectable in cheese.  That is not to
say all coliform are unacceptable.  But, at least _E. coli_  cannot be
present.  It is too great a risk.  

Sample size should be at least 25 grams (probably more) with a well
designed statistical sampling method.

I left the dairy many years ago and now have my own company specifically
to help manufacturers stop problems like this.  I use the HACCP method of
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control points for my clients.

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