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Peter Herman herman at populus.slu.se
Mon Aug 26 09:24:17 EST 1996

Lauren Owens (arlinora at cajun.net) wrote:
: This semester as part of my senior research problems, I will be
: injecting rabbits to produce antibodies against mouse, human, sheep, and
: bovine serum.  Does anyone know of any specific sites online where I
: could find articles to use in researching my paper?  I've used several
: search engines, and some libraries online, but I haven't been able to
: find anything useful.

What you seem to be looking for is an entree into the primary and 
secondary literature.  As you have discivered, the web is not the best 
place for this.  Check with your librarian about the access your library 
has to med-line, agricola and biosis.  These are medical, agricultural and 
general biological data bases respectivly.  Some libraries have them on CD 
ROM others on-line and, sad to say, some don't have them at all.  If you 
have them available, they will have a "front end", the windows based 
WinSpirs by Silver Plattter being the most common.  The front-end program 
lets you search the data base in the usual sort of way by joining terms 
with and, or, not to select the articles you want.

Good luck


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