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Wed Aug 28 05:09:51 EST 1996

Institute of Virology,
Veterinary-medical Faculty,
University of Zurich

Job opportunities

At present, two postdoctoral positions are available.

Both positions are for one year and can be extended to up to three
The salaries are set by the Swiss National Science Foundation and amount
approx. sFR. 80'000 (ECU 53'000).

We are seeking individuals with a strong background in molecular
and /or protein chemistry (quantitative ligand receptor interaction) to
achieve the following:

Job #1: DC (lineage) specific genes will be identified by monoclonal
antibodies (mAb) or other ligands and the cDNA product recognized by the
ligand cloned using a recently developed filamentous phage system (see
137, 69, 1993). cDNA libraries from murine and human DC (DC lines or,
freshly isolated) are available and are presently being completed.
This position is in the context of an EU grant on dendritic cells (DC);
see <> ;
<> and
was advertised in Nature (15th August 1996, vol. 382, classified page

Job #2: is on Ig repertoire cloning and on the development of novel
libraries. The aim is to obtain improved ligands for any desired
molecule or
the creation of mimotopes. This postdoctoral position would require
construction of libraries and biophysical characterization of the
by binding phage to selected antigens or ligands.

The work on both positions makes use of the same filamentous phage
and a close collaboration between the two postdoctoral fellows is

For more details and applications please contact:

Dr. Mark Suter,
Institute of Virology,
Winterthurerstrasse 266a
CH-8057 Zurich

Tel: +41 1 635 87 17.
Fax: +41 1 635 89 11.
mailto:msuter at

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