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patrick watson 74211.3417 at CompuServe.COM
Thu Feb 1 16:58:18 EST 1996


My name is Patrick Watson.  I am the manager of the Images Services 
Department for Mosby-Yearbook,Inc. of St. Louis,Missouri. 

My company is currently producing the second edition of Dr. Ronald 
Atlas's PRINCIPLES OF MICROBIOLOGY.  In this book we are still 
missing several photographic examples of microorganisms.  The list 
below reflects my photo search.

Would you, your institution or your colleagues have any photographic
images of these organisms.  If you do and would be willing to work 
with my company we would be most interested in talking to you about 
their availability  for this project.

If you have images that may work or would like further information 
please contact me. My Internet address is patrick.watson at 
or phone 1-800-325-4177, extension 2817.

1-4a	Rod shaped cells of E. coli
1-4b	Coccal shaped Staphyococcus epidermidis
1-4c	Spiral shaped Spirrillum volutous
1.5	cellar growth of Wangiella dermabitdis
1.8	Amoeba consuming Paramecium
1.7	Singled celled diatoms

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