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Fri Feb 2 13:42:26 EST 1996

TLFree1500 (tlfree1500 at wrote:
: What do you guys think about the U.S. and the other nations that have the
: smallpox virus?  Will the nations really destroy their stocks or will the
: governments keep a little just in case?  I cannot imagine that some
: element in our government would allow this to happen.

Given the sequence, the virus could be re-created. The easiest method
would be to transfer the pathogenic genes into a related strain. This
type of manipulation would probably be within the capabilities of many
university research labs.

Removing the last vials from the hands of organizations and researchers
law-abiding enough to give them up would not really eradicate the
threat that smallpox could be used as a weapon. At best, it would make
it more difficult.

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