Listeria Methods

Lorraine H. Robinson robinson at
Sat Feb 3 18:06:40 EST 1996

> Anyone out there have some information on a nice little method for testing 
> moisture,  high carbohydrate foods. I am desperate for an answer.
> Regards, Terry Gibbs 
Well, my personal fave is the USDA/FSIS method (LC 57). You enrich in UVM 24 h 
@ 30 C, transfer into Fraser broth 48 h @ 35 C, and if the Fraser turns blsck, 
you've probably got Listeria. Confirm by streaking 48 h Fraser to modified 
Oxford plates, 24-48 h @ 35. I have yet to see a rapid ELISA method I trust. 
Too many false negatives.


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