Metal-accumulating bacteria

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Check the Journal of Industrial Microbiology in 1994 or 95.  It had 
two issues dealing exclusively with microbes and metals.

Dr. Jack Trevors at the University of Guelph was working with metal 
toxicity in bacteria a few years back.  Sorry, don't have his Email 

Good Luck.

Jeff Wilson, Ph.D., P.Biol.
Sr. Environmental Microbiologist
Golder Associates LTd.
Calgary, AB

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Subject: Metal-accumulating bacteria
Author:  stevem at (Steve McGrew) at internet
Date:    02/02/96 02:31 PM

I am looking for published papers on bacterial hyperaccumulators of toxic
metals, and researchers working in that area.  I'm especially interested
in ways to detect and select individual cells (e.g., with flow cytometry)
in a live culture that have accumulated particular metals.  Will be happy
to exchange data & results--

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