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Oladele A. OGUNSEITAN oaogunse at UCI.EDU
Tue Feb 6 13:01:40 EST 1996

There is evidence for liquid water inside comets.  The only way organisms 
have the ability to grow at 400C is through adaptation ( real 
experience).  Sir Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe have a beautiful 
theory (and some good evidence) for panspermia.

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On 5 Feb 1996, Nicholas Landau wrote:

> fwl at (Forday Wayne Lee) writes:
> >When we move from the equator to the arctic we go from "hot" to "cold".
> >Wouldn't it be true that if we move from Earth to Venus, we would go from
> >"hot/cold" to "extremely hot"? So hot that nothing from Earth could ever
> >grow?
> >(Forgive my ignorance on this, I am not a planetologist)
> There are bacteria which can grow at temperatures far exceeding
> those found on the surface of the Earth.  They are called
> "hyperthermophiles."  If I remember correctly, under the right
> conditions, such bugs can grow at 400C. 
> This is pretty hot.  However, I agree with you that Venus, which
> is even warmer, could not sustain life (in its current state.)
> The major factor here is that there isn't any free liquid water
> on Venus.  Liquid water is pretty important to the existance
> of Earth-style life.
> Nick Landau
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