Listeria Methods

Harold Stringer biopharm at
Tue Feb 6 04:03:03 EST 1996

Dear Terry,

In reply to your message in the newsgroup bionet.microbiology, there
is a rapid method for the determination of Listeria species and
monocytogenes that is rapid, highly specific and highly sensitive and
can handle your type of samples.

Some data from studies by AFNOR (French Standardisation Institute):

Listeria species: (Report no. DNA-14/1-06/94)
   samples tested: 194
   false positive: 3
   false negative: 8
   concordance: 183

Listeria monocytogenes:  (Report no. DNA-14/2-02/95)
   false positive: 0
   false negative: 1
   concordance: 218
   sensitivity: 99%
   specificity: 100%

For more information, you can contact:
	Digen Ltd.
	65 High Street
	Wheatley, Oxford OX33 1XT
	Mr. Jim Jacobson
	tel 00 44 1865 872156
	fax 00 44 1865 872413   

Ask for the Gene Trak methods. He can tell you all about them.

dr. ing. Harold Stringer
biopharm at


terryg at (Terry Gibbs) wrote:

>HELP - Listeria Methodology (Rapid) in foods

>Anyone out there have some information on a nice little method for testing low 
>moisture,  high carbohydrate foods. I am desperate for an answer.

>Regards, Terry Gibbs 

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