Robert Sanford sanfordr at
Tue Feb 6 20:41:02 EST 1996


I recently optained Desulfovibrio gigas from ATCC and grew it 
successfully on BAAR's modified medium for sulfate reducers.  A couple 
of things that I did in addition to the recipe, was de-gas all the 
components with nitrogen and add a reductant (0.2 mM sodium sulfide) 
prior to inoculation.  If you desire a more precipitate-free medium I 
suggest growing it on lactate plus sodium sulfate with a mixture of 
vitamins added.  Several vitamin recipes for supplementing media are 
available in Ron Atlas's book on microbiological media.  I suggest you 
look there.  Good luck!

Rob Sanford
Center for Microbial Ecology
Michigan State University
sanfordr at

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