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Allen R. Sampson ars at
Thu Feb 8 03:26:25 EST 1996

Thanks to all who have visited our WWW site over the last
month.  I hope you found it helpful.  Encouraged by your
response, I have completely revamped and improved the site.

The name of the site has been changed to Scientific
Technologies to better represent its focus - information
regarding scientific instrumentation.  For now, the service
has been split into three groups: General Science,
Microscopy and Spectroscopy.  There will be more groups in
the future.  WWW resource listings have been expanded and
all existing listing have been verified (it's amazing how
many can change in a month).

I have also added quite a few meeting announcements.  Any
one want to pay my way?  There's a little conference in

Also added are a couple of articles I've written (please
don't laugh).  In Microscopy, I have an article entitled 'EM
Beam Contamination'. The General Science group has an
article entitled 'What Price, Research' that throws out some
thoughts I've had on a recent research study by the
University of Rhode Island.  Now that I've dedicated some
space for articles and papers, I'll be forced to fill it
myself if you all don't help.  You'll find information on
submitting aticles and papers, along with classifieds,
product and service announcements under submissions.

I've also added something unique.  Check out the periodic
table under spectroscopy.  Along with basic information on
each element, you'll also find isotope data and x-ray
spectral lines (man, that was a project!).

Once again, thanks for your interest.  Please let me know
how you like it and how I can improve it.

Allen R. Sampson

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