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Fri Feb 9 10:36:01 EST 1996

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SUBJECT: Workshop announcement
DATE: 02-09-96   10:22 EST

The National Laboratory Training Network Pacific Office and the Viral &
Rickettsial Disease Laboratory, CA Dept of Health Services in cooperation with
the California Association of Public Health Laboratory Directors will present
the one day workshop entitled, "20th Century Plagues," on March 1, 1996 in Los
Angeles, CA, and on March 2, 1996 in San Francisco, CA, with keynote speaker,
William T. Close, M.D., author of Ebola.  Other diseases and causative agents
to be presented include Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, "stealth" viruses,
Cryptosporidium monitoring and risk assessment, rabies, and other zoonotic
diseases.  Charge for the one day workshop: $95.  For more information, call
the NLTN Pacific Office at (510) 540-3991.

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